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Timber Merchants

We don't do websites - we just do Timber!

Just tell us what you need!

We admit our website is rubbish, but we are Timber Merchants not web monkeys. We love trees, not websites.

But we are very very good and supplying you with timber products. Everything from packs of MDF and Hardwoods, to Timber Decking and Hardwood Flooring.

As expert Timber Merchants, all you need to do is fill in the form above and we will send you a quote. Rather than you spending hours browsing through a massive timber merchants websites (we sell a LOT of different products) just tell us what you want, how much of it you want, and how much you want to pay for it.

If you are still reading I suggest you just fill in that form, because the guy writing the website started to get a little creative. (I think he was sitting on his hardwood decking with a bevvie and a laptop)

We have been a Timber Merchant for many years and we supply to the major sheds as well as other timber merchants and builders merchants. Timber is cheaper when you cut out the middle man and go direct to the Timber Merchant.

If you want unique timber mouldings, guess what! We've got one of the largest range of moulding profiles and timbers in the UK. We could mould your face on a skirting board if you wanted us to - or you could get Dido's face moulded on a Dado Rail - you could tell all your friends about your Dido Dado's...

Looking for post and rail fencing? Buying direct from a Timber Merchant saves you money! We bet the ponies don't care what you pay for that post and rail fencing, and neither do the peeps installing it. So buy your post and rail fencing direct from a timber merchant then pay some labourers £5/hour to stick it in the ground for you. Thats how you get cheap post and rail fencing!

Timber decking - lovely stuff - fantastic out the back of your house for summer evenings with a bevvie and a barbeque. Buying your hardwood timber decking from a timber merchant is the wise thing to do.

Wooden doors and Wooden Windows aren't just for posh folk in london with a bentley and a mistress. But hey, once you get your wooden doors and wooden windows from your timber merchant (that's us) you'll have enough money left for the Mistress, and she'll assume you've got a beamer, or maybe a bentley, or maybe even a lambo, simply because you've got bangin windows (I bet that mistress is bangin too!)

Wooden Cladding is another one of those awesome products you can pick up from your friendly bevvie drinking, deck sitting timber merchant.

So basically we are Timber Merchants - thats what we do, and thats what we are good at. Websites, not so much, nor writing, but Timber? Oh yes!

Now fill in the form - I hope you've been entertained.

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    Hardwood Timber Packs
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